Contraindications of massage

Massage should be avoided in the following cases:

1. In the case of infectious diseases
2. In the case of a complicated pregnancy
3. During pregnancy, particular attention must be paid to the soles, abdomen, chest and other body parts. (only expectant mother massage)
4. Special back massage for pregnant women, week 13. - week 24.
5. While nursing, only mild aromatherapy, which has been agreed upon
6. Pre- and post-operation, when there is danger of thrombosis
7. While patient has a fever
8. While intoxicated
9. In the case of a pacemaker
10. In case of organic heart disease in epileptic patients
11. In case of inflammation of superficial veins
12. During the first two days of the menstrual cycle; afterwards massage of the extremities is allowed, omitting the small of the back.
13. Very weak, pale and debilitated elderly patients (massage of certain organs is preferred here)
14. During the acute stage of injuries, sprains or strains to various bones, joints or muscles
15. Fractured bones
16. In case of diseases associated with increased bleeding
17. Symptoms suggesting acute inflammation (e.g., inflammation of the joints, swelling, redness, pain upon pressure)
18. In the case of skin infection, itching or skin disease, symptoms of acute inflammation of the skin are apparent (purulence, open fresh wounds, bruises, ulcers)
19. Cancerous diseases
20. Constantly high or fluctuating blood pressure
21. Advanced case of diabetes, severe osteoporosis