Collagene Hyaluronique (Sothys)

The latest edition of Sothys' anti-ageing treatments is offering Cosmeceutic ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid to provide to its clients intensive, dynamic and long-lasting results. An exclusive concept relying on a professional diagnosis made by Sothys beauty therapists to determine the real age of the customer's skin (or grade of ageing), to offer an efficient, complete and totally customized anti-ageing solution. Thanks to Sothys Cosmeceutical anti-ageing patent we will smooth the fine lines in the early 30's and fill the wrinkles later, in the 40's. We also will reshape, restructure and nourish the skin when its needed much later in the 50's and 60's. Sothys invents the first anti-ageing treatment adapted to every skin grade which allows the customer to win 4 years in 3 treatments.

Duration: 75 minutes
Price: 30.000 HUF


This exclusive Sothys eye contour treatment diminishes dark circles under your eyes, it reduces puffiness, softens lines and refreshes computer-strained eyes. Special treatment protocol: massage by hand and with a custom-made icy porcelain spoon, which smoothes and refreshes your skin and enhances the detox process.

Duration: 45 minutes
Price:18.000 HUF

*Please, note that discount offers can not be combined.