Foot Care / Pedicure

In the spring, short skirts, open-toed shoes and sandals re-appear, calling a lot of attention to a woman's legs and feet. But we should maintain our feet in autumn and winter too, since they are still subject to stress and strain every day of the year. There's nothing worse than the pain of an ingrown toenail or a corn. After a rejuvenating massage or a pedicure, your feet will feel like new again. We recommend the following services to our visitors.

Aesthetic Pedicure (with nail polish)
Duration: 40-50 minutes
Price: 9.000.- HUF

SPA Pedicure (peeling, wrap, cream, with nail polish)
Duration: 60-70 minutes
Price: 12.000.- HUF

Additional services for Manicure

"Shellac" Long Lasting Nail Polish
Duration: +20 minutes
Price: +4.000.- HUF

Duration: +15 minutes
Price: +3.000.- HUF

French Pedicure
Duration: +20 minutes
Price: +1.500.- HUF

*Please, note that discount offers can not be combined.