During everyday use and the natural functioning of the body, the keratinized skin cells of the epidermis are constantly sloughing off, which is a natural self-cleansing process and helps the skin's constant renewal. We make this natural process more effective by our body scrub treatments since rubbing the skin with small grains removes the dead skin cells, opens the pores and thus let the skin have a new breath. Exfoliation is not only to tighten and refresh the skin but also to remove accumulated waste products.

We recommend body scrub as an additional treatment before every SPA treatment since its use makes it significantly easier for agents to penetrate so enhancing the effects of treatments.

You are welcome to choose the intensity and odour of the body scrub you like at the SPA reception.

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 14.000 HUF

Scrub & Shea Butter

Following an intensive body scrub, we recommend you the rehydration of skin we make with shea butter. Shea butter heals, protects and soothes skin, regenerates and restores its flexibility. Thanks to its extraordinarily high A, E and F vitamin content, it also rejuvenates the skin.

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: 18.000 HUF

*Please, note that discount offers can not be combined.